First and foremost you need to protect your head from the sun. The sun is detrimental for our hair. Under the influence of UV rays, hair lose vitamins and liquid, as a result become brittle and lose their luster. It is therefore necessary to use a shampoo and conditioner with UV protection. Now such funds can be bought in pharmacies, in stores with professional makeup, and even in the most ordinary supermarkets.

The range of products is quite extensive, so you can easily pick up a cosmetic product for any hair type. But these funds will not be able to protect the head from heat exposure, which is also harmful. The scalp can scorch and burn possible hair loss, because hair follicles will be damaged. So the simplest solution is to consistently wear a hat. Beautiful and elegant hat will always give uniqueness to your outfit.

If you do not like hats then there are sprays that should be used every time before going out. They moisturize the hair, and do not let them burn. This is especially true for colored hair.

Swimming in pools with chlorinated water is also harmful, so the hair is preferably collected in a high bun or wear a swimming cap. For walking it is better to do different hairstyles, braid braids, some way to collect hair.

Be sure to twice a week apply a mask for dry hair. There are many recipes for a hair mask at home. The variety of choices allows each time to do different masks, which in turn is fun.

Because of the heat the scalp quickly becomes oily. Wash your hair as pollution. It is advisable to buy a shampoo for daily use. Before washing, RUB some coconut oil into the hair roots, this will moisturize. It is desirable that the hair is dried naturally, so they are not injured. Can be dried in the dryer, but in any case not in the sun. Do not brush wet hair, because of this they split and become brittle.

Do not forget the vital amount of water a day is approximately two liters. So much water is positively not only for hair but also for skin and proper digestion. Also don't forget about the fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain a lot of vitamins.