Today on the shelves you can find a great variety of goods marked "protect from ultraviolet radiation". Indeed, about sunscreens before going out to the beach to have forgotten rarely, but not so common sprays for the hair, with the same effect, often stay at home. In addition to protective products, you need to use a shampoo with UV filter. The composition of such substances must include moisturizers. A little trick is to use mineral water in a bottle-the spray is cooling air conditioners with SPF-factor.


They will protect you not only from heat stroke, but hair breakage. For the beach you need to choose the hats in light colors. They will reflect the greatest amount of sunlight. But bandanas and caps of thick fabric in the heat it is better not to use it.


If you do you "overheated" your hair, and they lost a healthy appearance, do not hurry to run to the salon for a costly restoration procedures. Decoctions and masks based on herbs will help to saturate hair with moisture, thereby restoring their appearance. Best with the task to cope chamomile, nettle, succession. To infuse herbs, enough to fill 500 g of any collecting 0.5 liters of boiling water and hold for 30 minutes.

For dull, brittle hair can be rubbed into the scalp with juice of lemon, cabbage and spinach in equal shares. If you have oily hair, try just before shampooing, RUB into the roots a mixture of honey, lemon and agave (1 teaspoon).


Summer must be especially careful to monitor the cleanliness of the hair. At this time of year due to heat and humidity creates a favorable environment for the multiplication of various harmful microorganisms that can cause disease and scalp including.

After a swim in the sea or pool, thoroughly rinse the hair with clean running water.

In summer, pick up a set of cosmetic products for hair that will actively moisturize, nourish and restore your hair. It can be shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums, sprays etc.


Fill vitamins is not only skin and hair, but also the entire body. To do this, include in your diet broccoli, spinach, lettuce and any green vegetables.

But it's better (and easier) to prevent damage to the hair than treatment. Enjoy the summer, swim, sunbathe, but don't forget that all need a sense of proportion. And after visiting the pool or swimming in the sea don't forget to flush from the entire body chlorine and salt.