Copa America (America Cup) is a tournament of national soccer teams from South America. This event is held every few years in the tournament was shared by two, three or four years). In 2016 Copa America will be held outside the territory of the South American continent. The tournament dedicated to the celebration of the centenary of CONMEBOL zone, which includes the national football Federation of South American countries.

The Copa America 2016 will take part 16 teams. Ten South American teams, added six teams from North and Central America and the Caribbean pool. The groups for Copa America 2016 is the following.

Group A

In the group And traditionally, the host country of the tournament. At the Copa America in 2016, she is team USA. The North Americans rivals the national team of Colombia, Paraguay and Costa Rica.


The Quartet was clearly the favorite not only of group but the whole tournament - there will play five-times world champion Brazil. In the group stage of pentacampeones will face the national team of Peru, Ecuador, and the Republic of Haiti.


In the group With not such a pronounced favorite. Sports drew this Quartet of teams of Mexico and Uruguay who have quality players. The second two teams from this group were the teams of Jamaica and Venezuela.

Group D

In the group matches of group D football viewers will be able to see a repeat of the final of last year's America's Cup. In one group populai teams of Argentina and Chile. With high probability these teams prodoljat burbu for the trophy in the playoffs. Opponents of these top South American teams in the group are Panama and Bolivia.

The matches of the Copa America 2016 will be held in ten U.S. cities. The tournament starts on the 3rd of June. Closure of the championship scheduled for 26 th of the same month.