However, rest there not only Minsk residents but also visitors from near and far abroad. Sites for travel in Belarus at sea in the height of summer are filled with sentences like "Looking for the company of cheerful young people for a joint active rest in the best Belarus resort.

How to get

From Minsk there trains to the station "Minsk sea". Need to get on the train Molodechno direction. From the Central bus station buses "Minsk-Yunost (e.g., M-225). At the railway station you can use the trolley bus №4 (end station Odoevskogo). By car from the ring road you need to travel on the highway Minsk-Naroch and follow the signs to the health resort "Yunost". By the way, pick up passengers in Belarus in the sea right on the track. Especially on weekends this road many voices of young people.

Air Ranch

Near the turn mentioned already preventorium "Youth" is "Air Ranch". Website for travel in Belarus on sea recommends be sure to take advantage of the trip by light aircraft. Only from a bird's eye view to appreciate the beauty of man-made sea and its environs. A select crowd given the opportunity to steer.

Sanatory health complex "Yunost"

If Your looking for a companion to Belarus at sea failed, and to visit and relax in this interesting place still want, try to book a place in the health resort "Yunost" on the official website. Here, in addition to complex medical procedures (they can always refuse), there is a lovely gym, sauna, steam room, billiard room, juice bar, library, boat station. The contingent of tourists by age and social class is the most diverse. Meet visitors from neighboring countries. It is easy to meet nice people for communication. Do not worry, if in advance to find a travel companion to Belarus at sea did not happen, new friendships are fraught with their charms.