The fact is that article directories are intended primarily for the so-called webmasters or site owners. Publishing your article in the catalog they have the right to supply her a link to your online resource. But almost every article costs money (or time), so in the course are various tricks, up to the use of sinonimayzer, which gives out "on mountain" hundreds and thousands of similar uninformative and unreadable" articles.

Different things in the English-speaking Internet, which also has these directories, only, unlike the Internet, there materials are accepted only after a severe moderation. And poor, uninformative or just wrong article there better not even try to get pointless.

That is why article directories in burzhunete filled with quality content that attracts thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of users a day. And where there are visitors, there are earnings. And as for the owners of the resource itself, and for those who post on this article.

In Runet the situation is quite different. Free moderated directory of articles here is virtually impossible. Therefore, the quality of articles on the resources available disgusting. Consequently, these Internet portals are of little interest to regular users - it is nothing but uninformative typing to find it impossible.

But the notorious fact is, that in the field of Internet, we lag behind the West a couple of years at five to seven. And it seems now is the time for the emergence of quality moderated directory of articles with interesting and useful materials. Who will understand it first - and he will have the advantage in the eternal race for success.