First, determine the groundwater level. You can call the representatives of the reclamation service, or do your research. On the edge, dig a pit depth of 2 m. Wait until the water settles, then proceed to the measurements. Your task is to find out the distance from the water to the surface. If you have less than 1 m, it is necessary to carry out drainage works.

Save safe and sound the top layer of soil. If you have a large-scale construction work, remove fertile soil, put in security, then to use it.

The landscape on the narrow plot has its own characteristics, so beforehand jot down on paper the forms of trees and bushes, which, in your opinion, will blend well with each other. Here is an option: round beds side by side with the oval flower beds, they have different diameters, which creates the effect of modern abstraction.

Visually create delimited zones. Vineyard, arch, wall of climbing plants, pergolas or hedges will perform this function. The alternative to them – beds, or groups of garden shrubs. When you break the narrow area into zones, examine the possibility of transversal and diagonal lines.

Review the solution architecture with terraces, when the zones are located relative to each other at different heights. Note that this increases the yield in the greenhouses, greenhouses and gardens.

The contours of the paths that you have scheduled, position with knowledge of the matter. They can visually rounding corners, changing the original picture of the landscape of the narrow portion. The width of the tracks leave enough for free movement of the lawn mower.

The hedges on the perimeter loses its relevance, the tall shadow will only narrow the already problematic area. Better plant trees, mixing them in size. Remember that the most attractive is the default setting should be the center: bright colors, for example.

A visual extension of the yard will get if the perimeter will bloom bright flowers, only cold colours. And at the end thus attract the attention of prying eyes vivid contrast.

The narrow geometry of the garden has its advantages from the point of view of design. It is impossible to absorb in one glance all of his zone. But it is easier to mix items of different styles. On a narrow site simplified the process of separation of zones.