1. Think about your needs and desires. Where will play the children? What are you planning to grow in addition to the colors? Where the family will gather? Make a rough sketch of your own site, it will be a good start for the overall planning of the design. Don't try to make a master plan, just ideas.

With these ideas you can play how you like, it won't take much time, but it will give the result.

2. When planning, consider the factor of the sun and wind. Everything should be not only beautiful but also comfortable. Your project design should be based on how it behaves in different times of the day at least the sun.

3. If you have recently purchased a plot, spend there some time, and then proceed with landscape work. Remember that all your ideas must function properly for more than one season.

4. Proceed first to the not very difficult task. In many shows and magazines you can see stunning samples of landscape design, but there are professionals and with a team. You're in addition to the design is to have fun, enjoying the process and succeed. Start, for example, with small flower beds. Work when you have time and do not handle all at once. After all, it is possible to do step by step in small pieces. Otherwise you just burn yourselves out, tired, and the result will not be good.

5. Each design phase has a series of composite centres, and this rule must be considered in landscape design, those who are just starting to do this. This may be a sculptural sketch or stunning plant, a tree or a group of shrubs. More importantly, this Central object needs to attract attention.

6. Concentrate on visualization. This is one of the difficult points in design for beginners, however, it will give the ability to eliminate many errors. Objects on the plot should be different in size, shape and color. Solid compositions will add some objects from a different conceptual solutions. Don't be afraid to experiment even with the fact that you keep repeating. In the matter of landscape design does not need to be a conservative, be open to new ideas, tune positively and you will succeed.