Removal of stains. Vinegar to cope with yellow spots on clothes from sweat. The stain must be well moistened with vinegar and leave for a while. You can use lemon juice and vinegar. The spots disappear very quickly. Then you need things rinse in cold water.

Vinegar solution with water cleans things out of the skin. Well cleaned the dirt on leather jacket, bag and other things.

Vinegar for hair. With essences to give your hair Shine. In containers with water should be diluted a little bit of vinegar. This solution should rinse hair every time after shampooing.

The healing properties. Apple cider vinegar helps cure a sore throat. For this you need to dilute it in warm water and gargle up to six times a day.

To get rid of muscle pain will help a vinegar compress. In a solution of vinegar, wet a thick cloth and attach to the sore spot.

At a high temperature in children you can dilute the vinegar with water and wipe the skin. Special attention should be given to axillary depressions, the area under the knees, the elbow bends. After this procedure the temperature will quickly fall down.

No matter how silly it sounds, but if RUB the burn with undiluted vinegar, the pain will disappear immediately.

Vinegar made from apples can be used to fight against excess weight. This requires daily diluted in a glass of boiled water two tablespoons of vinegar.

Older people often suffer from heavy sweating during night sleep. To get rid of this problem every evening to clean the skin with a cloth soaked in Apple cider vinegar.

The vinegar in the home. To remove any sticker or price tag you can with vinegar. It is necessary to heat, moisten the cloth and apply it to the sticker. Then the sticker will easily come down.

To deal with rust all the same vinegar. All the necessary things needs to be put into a metal container, cover with vinegar and boil. After this procedure, all metal objects will Shine as he has just made.

Dining essence helps to get rid of unpleasant odors. It is diluted in warm water and wash all cupboards, the fridge inside.

To save the kettle from scale is possible with the help of vinegar. In water add a little essence and boil it. All the scum could easily pass for rinsing.

Vinegar disinfects well. They can clean the toilet bowl, to soak the brush.