The relationship between each parent and child are the Foundation for minimizing the risk of developing psychological problems. Age plays a key role in responding to the circumstances of the divorce.

Children over fourteen, the same as all others, are under stress and suffer painful all in the current situation. Parents think otherwise, considering them to be old enough and not give them appropriate attention. At this age is the establishment of relations of teenagers to the opposite sex, forming a model of future behavior in family life. Should not push kids, throw them on the negative and leave them alone. Both parents need to talk to children, listen to their thoughts and opinions and is sure to make it clear that mom and dad are still in equal measure, will remain in his life.

The most difficult to build relationships with children in the age group of six to fourteen years. The child, accustomed to live in a full family, undergoes a powerful experience and clearly feels the guilt of the parents. It is converted into a lever of manipulation, because the child loses the feeling of love and wants to get back together. The more dangerous the situation becomes, when children begin to blame themselves, they can in this state to cause yourself great harm, both physical and psychological. Parents who live separately, have to bring time with children by the time they were married. So the child realizes that parental love does not depend on external factors.

Children under six years there do not respond to the divorce, as it is not able to fully assess what is happening. Kids will feel a sense of anxiety and slight discomfort, but correct attitude of the parents it will be completely deleted.

No matter how many child years are required to refrain from imposing negative opinions about your former partner. Should show tolerance and respect to each other, to education of the harmonious personality with the right moral values.