Work to repair the bathroom need to start with the choice of materials for repair. It depends on what exactly will be under reconstruction, total or partial, from the interior of the premises and the amount that must be spent. You need to choose only high-quality materials as the bathroom is always high humidity, and they are constantly in contact with water. In addition to finishing materials did not appear mold and fungus, you need to purchase a special grout formulations. The glue is also to use only well-known companies that, over time, under the influence of moisture did not come unstuck. Better to spend the money to buy quality materials, and you can save, for example, if the dismantling of the old coating yourself.

After removal of old coatings, you can begin to align surfaces. You can buy plasterboard and glue them onto the glue and use a installation with a profile. However, this method will reduce the total area of the room. You can use another method to align the surface of the plaster.

Further, the flatness check with a level. If everything is done correctly, then proceed to the laying of the tile. You need to consider the color of the tile. If it is plain, then put the tile from the bottom corner on the left, and if the pattern is symmetrical from the center. If the pattern is asymmetrical, then start to lay tile better with the most noticeable places to finish it where it will be located a bath or shower.

After this the seams the composition is impregnated against mold and fungi and begin the decoration of the ceiling and floor. Ceiling can be suspended, and as flooring tiles to use and some types of laminate or parquet flooring, its characteristics are resistant to humidity.

At the final step, connect the plumbing, meters and filters. Set the dryer for towels, lighting and plumbing.

These are the main stages of repair of the bathroom.