To repairs the bathroom, you must have the skills of plumbing work and also work on finishing of surfaces which are constantly under the influence of large amounts of moisture. If the experience in this difficult matter is not enough, you should use the services of a professional.

Sewage, plumbing, wiring

The first and foremost, you should make repair works in the bathroom with a properly diluted water and sewer pipes. In our time, the piping decided to do hidden, so this procedure should be taken seriously. You have to understand that to change, for example, a hidden leak in the knee is very difficult and time consuming, since you have to destroy hiding its design.

After all the necessary plumbing work carried out and pipes are checked for all kinds of leaks, you can do the installation of the filtration system. If this system is not provided, it is necessary to proceed directly to the installation of plumbing fixtures and installation of the necessary wiring. Electrical cables, it is desirable to hide in the walls after stretching them in special plastic tubes.

Facing work

Tiling in the bathroom have also their own specificity, since they use only those materials that are highly resistant to frequent temperature fluctuations and high humidity. Materials for walls and ceiling should have an enhanced adhesion, and drywall, as basic material for walls, you should use only water-resistant.

The first step in tiling is the alignment of the walls, removing all kinds of stains and dust. Before puttying and gluing the tiles, you need to apply a layer of special primer that not only ensures high-quality bonding material, but also protects the surface of the walls and ceiling from mold and mildew. A small amount of primer mixtures can also be added to the adhesive for tiles.

The final stage of finishing works can be considered gluing tiles on the bathroom floor and the mounting or plasterboard ceiling. After these procedures, you can begin installation of sockets, switches, towel rail, bath, shower cabin and accessories. All electrical appliances in the bathroom should be grounded.

Important: when installing a new door frame in bathroom needs to take care that the distance the bottom of the door until the threshold was equal to one and a half to two inches. This gap will serve as an excellent ventilation for the bathroom.