Update ceiling

Typically, the repair of the room start with the ceiling. Let's see what condition he's in. If the paint has darkened from time, but it does not peel, special preliminary work is not necessary. If you really exfoliate, you take the spatula and remove it from these places.

To less energy to spend on post-constructional cleaning, cover the tub, sink, toilet, floor with plastic wrap.

You can now begin upgrading the ceiling. Buy in advance at the market or at a large hardware store panels made of polypropylene. Their beauty is that they are inexpensive, attach to almost any, even uneven basis.

The cheap options – 40 rubles per pack, which will help to update as much as 2 square meters of the ceiling. This part of the bathroom is small, so 200 rubles, you can quite meet.

The necessary glue. Best buy "Installation" to ceiling tiles, spending not more than 170 rubles. It is applied on the wrong side of the polypropylene squares around the perimeter and in the center.

Glue panels so that they fit tightly to each other. Small gaps between seal white sealant. The upper part of the walls, you can issue the same way. The joints between the flow and walls, glue the plinth is made of polypropylene.

If desired, these parts cover inexpensive latex paint, the upper part of the walls will look great.

The walls, floor

In the middle and lower part of the walls can be glued cheap tiles. If old in good condition, seams will make it more tidy. As they eventually acquire a dark patina.

Wash the tile and then using the spatula apply the grout to the joints between the tiles.

You can find cheap options for the finished tiles. It is attached to the base with a special adhesive. To cut some of the tiles will help glass cutter, drill or utility knife.

Measure desired number of inches of the tile, place a ruler and draw a line using the glass cutter. If you use a drill, you need to press its cutting edge. Enough to hold one time. With a utility knife make several lines on both sides of the tile.

Now place under her middle, bottom drill, glass cutter or other object of similar size and push both the half tiles on top of the hands. It splits exactly in the markup.

Next, on the floor with a notched trowel to apply a special glue and starting from the middle, start gluing. Between parts of the floor leave a small gap, inserting the plastic spacers.

To find the point where the first will be glued tiles, divide the room into 2 perpendicular lines. Their point of intersection will be the starting point of the work.

It is easy to buy an inexpensive new sink, toilet, and then budget the repairs in the bathroom and toilet would be ideal.