Preparation of parquet to varnish

How much quality will be the result of the work in this case directly determined by the correct preparation of flooring. The best option is pre-sanded material. For this purpose sander that can remove the top layer of wood and to improve the condition of the flooring as a whole.

To use the grinder, first we need to make sure of the parquet planks do not stick out metal fasteners. If they are detected, they should be deepened in the tree structure.

Dust removal before varnishing

By itself, the Lac cannot conceal the cracks and crevices remaining between the wood slats. So after polishing you need to get rid of defects. This applies to a coating for wood, which covers all gaps in the trim. Dried putty should also wipe cloth. After that the flooring is thoroughly covered with primer.

Applying nail Polish on the floor

If the previous work was done well, the paint will be applied to the floor by conventional roller. It must be intensely rubbed on the surface. The layer of the paint composition should be a minimum thickness. You will need to spend from 2 to 7 layers. It is believed that the layered version of the coating helps to better protect the parquet floor from damage. But each next layer must be applied only after the previous end dry.

Grout coats of varnish on the floor

Not always require additional processing layer deposited on the flooring. But no one is immune against the formation of deposits, stains and other errors. Therefore, after having applied the last layer of varnish, you can also hold the grout with fine emery cloth. It will allow you to get rid of defects on the surface without damaging the varnish layer too much.

Qualitatively varnished flooring will not only last long but will also decorate the room. The owner should properly follow the technology to make parquet floors functional and presentable.