How to prepare the floor for laying carpet

At the preliminary stage floor should be cleaned from the previous one finishes. You need to remove not only finishing materials, but also the worn screed under them. Any cracks or large deformation should be smeared with mortar. Then proceed to alignment. To achieve a smooth surface will only succeed if pour half of the cement-sand composition. But be aware that the concrete floor to lay a carpet is not desirable.

For this reason, the tie advanced is covered by dense sheets of plywood or chipboard. The gaps that are present between adjacent plates, covered with putty. After that, the coupler is processed with soil.

How to lay carpet on the floor

Prior to gluing the carpet needs to be leveled and cut down to size. Well, if the entire area of the floor will be able to cover one sheet of material. But usually have to use multiple pieces of carpeting. In the first place, the working surface is covered with adhesive composition. To put it better than a continuous layer.

Next, roll the carpet gradually unfolds and is pressed over the entire area. It is important that carpeting is not formed creases. It should therefore be carefully aligned. Following the cloth should be laid very close to the previous one, so as not to leave noticeable gaps.

How to get rid of the shortcomings finishes

For drying of the adhesive will take about a day. Then need to glue the joints of adjacent panels. To do this, they again treated with the adhesive composition or fastened to the floor with double sided sticky tape. If the carpet is made on the basis of PVC, it is permissible to use cold welding. And the last action becomes the circumcision of the carpet around the perimeter of the room, if he were placed with an overlap at the walls.

This floor finish will last a long time and will look spectacular. Just do not forget that around the room are set skirting boards, performing aesthetic and protective functions.