You will need
  • A set of laminated panels
  • Screed for floor leveling
  • The substrate, insulating film
  • Kit for stacking: wedges, spacer and a device for laying and tightening straps
  • Roulette, cord
  • Gon
  • A hacksaw with fine teeth or a circular saw
  • Adhesive laminate.
  • Skirting
  • A hammer and nails without hats
  • Acrylic mastic
Measure tape measure room dimensions to calculate the amount of the desired material. Usually the laminate is sold in packs, each of which lasts for 1.5-2 square meters of floor. Put laminate panels before installation in the room and wait at least two days at room temperature.
Prepare floor surface for coating laminate. If the floor is uneven, you can use a so-called screed.
• Dry mix cement sand and water to a creamy mass. Placing the screed, wait for 2 weeks before complete drying. If there is an adhesive Supplement is, it will have to wait about a month.
• You can use a special self-leveling (self-leveling) flooring according to the instructions. They dry in about 10 days.
• Dry screed of expanded clay, quartz, fine-grained slag will allow to start laying the laminate in a day.
Lay on a flat floor surface soft substrate: special for synthetic laminates or cork. Can be used carpet, laid perfectly straight. An underlay will soften the sound. When laying note:
• its thickness is 2-4 mm.
• From below, it must be isolated from moisture by polythene film. The film rolls unroll perpendicular to the laying of the laminate.
• Leaves the substrate to connect the adhesive tape between them. To the floor it does not mount.
Start laying the laminate away from the wall. Between it and the first row of panels leave about 10 mm (then the crack will be covered by the baseboard). During stacking, the gap has not moved, lay in the special wedges. Use the device for laying laminate and tightening his plates. The first row is laid with the grooves against the wall.
Connect one end of the plate to the beginning of another in a way that requires the form of a laminate. • Special glue. Apply it on the top edge and then insert the bar into the groove. From the slit of the glue should be slightly; remove excess with a damp cloth.
• Locks in the grooves of the panels. They snap into the (connection type "Click") or driven ("Lock").
Orient the ranks of the laminate in the direction of the sun: the joints between components should be less noticeable. When a rough wall its outline is applied to the first row of records, then it is cut with a fine-toothed hacksaw or a circular saw. Lay the first three rows of laminate and reinforce the joints with a broad tape so they will not warp.
Check the correctness of installation. If you make a mistake in the beginning, then there will be problems with all floors. With the help of a cord and a ruler to check that the laminate is lying flat, especially on the angles; it matches in colour; no cracks anywhere. Then lay the laminate across the room.
Lay the plinth that pick up on the pattern of the laminate. Between skirting and laminate put thick cardboard; secure the baseboard with nails without hats and remove the lining. The plinth on the floor of a laminate element of the scenery, so don't hold him to the panels. At the door and in other difficult places, use the right colours paste of acrylic. Laminate flooring is ready!