Main types of double-sided tape

Before directly use double sided tape, you will need to choose it correctly.

Today, there are three types of Scotch: on the basis of foam, tape and special tape, which is essential in difficult situations.

The first type of double-sided tape has found wide application in the construction business. It is excellent for bonding irregular surfaces, objects with complex shapes. In the presence of irregularities, roughness decreases the area of the bonding surface and deteriorates the adhesion, so it is always such a tape have more adhesive base, which helps them to securely attach various items.

In that case, if you are planning a simple operation for gluing smooth surfaces, suitable film double sided tape.
The special sticky tape is indispensable for complex work, for example, at high temperatures. They are often used for the bonding of bulky items that cannot be attached with a simple adhesive.

Technology is the application of double-sided tape

How to apply double sided tape? To seal the surface between them, the first thing you will need to select the desired tape. In that case, if you need to bond different materials to the surface of the tape, removed the tape and applied it sticky side to the surface which is more porous. It can be wood, foam. After applying the tape to the first surface, put it on top of another, some time hold, pressing her.

If you want to glue together simple objects, such as paper, the adhesive tape can be applied immediately and only then remove surface film and glue another piece. It is important to remember that the area for the bonding material should be as large as possible.
Double sided tape can be different width, so it is necessary correctly to pick up, depending on what works.

Very often after applying the tape and bond the objects are uneven, so you have to remove the tape and perform the procedure again. The tape leaves material traces that are difficult to remove with improvised means. For this purpose, suitable special cleaning solutions, such as Antisilicone", alcohol.

Technology is the application of double-sided tape is simple, just need to choose the right duct tape.