Today produce many kinds of carpet. You can find a carpet with a NAP of wool or artificial fiber, but what about the color and the length of the pile and say nothing of carpet you can choose for any interior and any taste.

Useful tip: remember that a wool carpet is less wear-resistant than synthetic, but are safer for the health, and pleasant to the touch.

The main advantages of carpet

1. The ease of installation. Laying carpet in a small room is not a problem - simply unroll, trim the excess and install the baseboard. It is possible to install this flooring as glue or double-sided tape, and without attachment to the floor.

By the way, the carpet can be put on different grounds - from concrete to flooring.

2. Carpet makes the room cozier. On this floor is comfortable and nice to walk barefoot, hence, if you have cold floors, the best choice will be it carpet.

3. Carpet serves as an additional soundproofing, which is extremely important for families with children.

4. To care for modern floors is quite simple.

5. Most types of carpet durable enough.

6. Affordable price for many types of carpet.

The main disadvantages of carpet

1. With little care carpet more than other coverage, will collect dirt and dust. Carpet also absorbs odors.

2. Not suitable for rooms with high humidity or at risk of such.

3. The care of carpet requires more work than, for example, laminate, linoleum.

4. Carpet may not be suitable for guests with allergies.