Holders of round-shaped face will fit glasses square and rectangular shapes, they will help to visually narrow it down and highlight cheekbones. Also accentuate your face frame a bright color. Stylists recommend women with round shape face to wear glasses with thin frames. Try not to choose glassesthat will completely cover your cheekbones you don't go round rimless sunglasses.
Oval shape face going glasses of any shape. But in spite of this, a few tips on their choice all the same features: socket must not already be outside the face, but at the same time not allow her to marry them. For a small shaped face are not suitable sun glasses with a thin frame. Try to keep their line consistent with the line of your eyebrows.
With the long shape of the person wearing sun - glasses of large size with panoramic Windows. It is not recommended to experiment with small glasses rimless, you certainly will not go.
The face in the form of an inverted triangle (broad face with a narrow forehead and a massive chin) need glasses oval and round shape with a width greater than the width of the cheekbones.
The face in the shape of a heart adorn the glasses with a thin rim or even the lack thereof. They will visually smooth the forehead, as well as all the proportions of the face. Not recommended dark glasses, they make a person rude.
Holders square type face suitable cut rounded points. A thin rim with a rounded shape will adorn your pretty face. Do not choose rectangular and square sun glasses frame a wider face.
Using glasses can hide the flaws of your face. If you have a large forehead, glasses will help him to visually reduce. The holders of a snub nose will be able to hide this flaw by using the points raised by the jumper. Too prominent nose hide sunglasses with large frame in dark color with double bridge and sitting a little below the nose. Face with a massive chin goes glasses with a massive and a very thin bezel, which will slightly slide off the nose.