To start, you need to know breast size:

- to measure the volume of the breast;

- to measure the volume under the chest.

Find your size on the Internet there are article in detail explains how to measure breast size)

Bras bralette is the best choice for girls who want strong support for his chest. Also it is a form comfortable and convenient for an ordinary day. Suitable for small and average breast (although for the second you need to choose with wide straps for better support).

Bras with underwire and a filler model the shape of the breast, but it does not increase it in volume. Underwear shouldn't be small (highly compress the chest) or cause any other discomfort.

Bra with Y-back straps and front clasp - for those who don't want underwear peeking out of his shirt. It is true captures a breast, and if we Push Up then increase breast size by 1.5. Invisible assistance provided!

Bra with Push Up effect gives rise to a mere bomb! This underwear brilliantly lifts the Breasts, making that seductive. And if the model is seamless with spaghetti straps, it is invisible under the dress. Perfect Breasts, and no one will notice - unless it not magic?

If a dress with an open top, accentuate the Swan neck and alluring clavicle, bras with removable straps - great choice. Instead of the usual you can wear silicone, which is almost invisible. Linen tightly to his chest, picking up one, and the seamless finish is invisible under him. Push Up to increase Breasts by as much as two sizes!

If the girl has big Breasts, it will reduce the model-minimizer, giving the chest a beautiful and refined form. The diameter of the cups more than other models, and fortified the back, the shape and the wide straps hold the breast and offer comfort and support. For sport in addition to equipment there is also a separate bra. It looks like a tight-fitting top made of elastic fabric. This model holds the chest, but doesn't prevent movement.