Today the invitation is still relevant. Even the creators of the film Tom Hank's "Corpocratic" chose one of the Islands of the archipelago, to make a film. And not just one movie filmed there. Fiji is the setting for the legendary films "the Blue lagoon", "Contact", the film adaptation in 1932, "Robinson Crusoe" and reality show "survivor," and more.

The Fiji archipelago consists of over 300 Islands. The largest of these, Viti Levu, whose capital is Suva. Suva is the largest city in Polynesia.

Contrary to expectations, Fiji is not only a fabulous small Islands with white sand and palm trees, but they also have a rich history and culture. The presence of Indian culture is widely noticeable on the island of many temples and restaurants.

The local population does not deviate. An ancient system of villages - traditional houses "barrel". "Barrel" is translated from the Fijian means wood and straw, which is determined by the type of houses.

For tourists the island is truly a Paradise. In practice on the big island of Viti Levu there are no beaches, except for a few small, where the sand is like black mud. But after a few minutes by boat you will see countless Islands, the classical picture of the exotic. Between them swimming around the boat and even for a few hours to find a place where you can stretch your towel and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Most of the Islands offer a place to sleep, but then you should carefully choose where to stay because each of them is thematic and interesting names like bounty, Corpocratic, treasure Island, Beach.

While on one island - disco with techno and trance music, another offers unparalleled luxury and services. On the island of Fiji everyone can find for himself what he wants, the only problem is that it is very far away.