You should pay attention to the fact that the organization will have to find in the ocean tons of bottles of plastic. One of the objectives of the project – the creation of the Singapore beach comfortable places to camp. Also the authors of the idea want the public drew attention to the issue of clogging of the ocean.

After calculations, the scientists came to the conclusion that the waste plastic is causing the deaths of several million birds. Also he kills tens of thousands of animals. Most of the waste is a solid material. It is often used to make these bottles. This kind of material is not able to decompose, even if it affects the environment.

Catch plastic waste from the sea, the experts are sorting by color. Further, the garbage is crushed and placed in a suitable molding form. There it is heated until melted. When the workpiece has cooled, they are removed from the molds. In the end, you can get tiles of interesting shades.

According to the Director of one of the companies that his firm stone facades. They use tiles, for the manufacture of its recycled plastic is often used. The roofs of these buildings resemble the roof of an old house for which to apply the shingles. In addition, the roof provides battery.

The architects claim that the creation of this unusual design of the houses was inspired by casuarinaceae tree. It can often be found on the Asian beaches. This project was conceived for the Singapore beaches, but after a while he liked Australians.

The idea of using this material for construction Bimbi came to mind after reading the story about the company, which has decided to create sneakers using treated waste.

He said that several decades later the building companies will not apply bottles, plastic. However, the architects may use this to materialize interesting ideas.

Every year the ocean gets a few million tonnes of plastic bottles. Under the influence of water and sunlight, they decompose into small elements that are subsequently consumed by marine life. Scientists say that if you do not correct this situation, several decades later, the number of plastic bottles in the ocean will exceed the number of fish.