Indeed, almost all parents really afraid of this period in the lives of their children because they remember themselves and are morally preparing for a large number of problems. In fact, children are even more worried during the period of the time. So what is the psychology hidden inside teenagers?

This period, some scientists psychologists call " adolescence, when a person is at the stage of their psychological and physical development from childhood to adolescence. It is believed that this period in children lasts, approximately, ten to fifteen years. But sometimes, depending on the individual characteristics of the child, it may come sooner than ten years, and much later. Why pubertal period is allocated as much space in developmental psychology, and why pakostnichat is the most serious age crisis?

First, because at this age the child is exposed to many external changes related to human physiology. In other words, the child is 13-14 years old starts puberty. And as we all know, a very important component of the human body.

Second, the child changes physically and hormonally, but also psychologically. Changing his mind, thinking, from this and all the troubles of teenagers. It is very difficult to understand what is happening to them, and often this rebellion comes out.

How to begin this complex and multifaceted period? First and foremost, at this age begins to produce a large number of different hormones. They stimulate the development of many systems in the child's body, develop the brain, muscles, and bones. During the onset of adolescence the child develops self-esteem, comes the realization that he is a person the same as all other members of society. Of course, all want parents, teachers, and children themselves, to adolescence has always ended well and good for the identity of the child.