The woman responsible for the weather at home: well-groomed children, a delicious dinner, cleanliness, order and comfort in the house depends on it. Sloppy wife, dirt and disorder are unlikely to please the father. But it is important to observe the Golden mean: do not turn into the eternal housewife, Horny pots, pans, her children and her husband.

You should never forget about yourself: hair, clothes, appearance. Don't have a habit of going home in his favorite Bathrobe. The dress is simple, but cute in a clean, neat clothes. Do not forget the light make-up. If a woman is not interesting itself, it will not be interesting and the other person. In particular, for his elect. Try to be popular at work, but don't overdo it.

In the first place in any case should be the family. Interested in news, fashion, the latest discoveries of scientists, sports. In General, all that much. Do not forget about his passion, support and be interested in them.

Learn to listen: about work, about politics, about football, stunning new Thriller. Listen with sincere interest, be aware of events.

Does not clarify the relationship with the husband in front of strangers, especially not humiliate and do not yell at him in front of others. Remember that this should be done eye to eye, without any assistance from relatives, children or friends.

Never talk bad about his parents and other relatives. It would be unpleasant. Better tactfully silent.

Don't have the habit to reproach her husband: first, he himself will realize his mistake, and secondly, be grateful for the tactful and delicate attitude.

Don't forget to praise her husband for what he did on the farm, for help, for his achievements, dedication and skills. Learn to be grateful. Speak words of gratitude, words of love.

Ask her husband for help, do not try to do everything yourself. Sometimes the woman should be weak and defenseless.

Try to be beautiful and charming, loving and patient.