1. To sew the oilcloth on the sewing machine, it should be on both sides RUB it with talcum powder or soap. This will facilitate the work.
  2. Kitchen cupboard is always small for all the cookware and Housewares. Fasten at the internal wall and door hooks or nails. They can hang cutting boards, sifter, squeezer, etc.
  3. Ceramic iron Mat for much longer keeps its heat than metal.
  4. Grease stains with 6умаги can remove it, putting a stain blotting paper and on top of wiping it with a cloth soaked in gasoline.
  5. To brooms lasts longer, every week they should be immersed in hot soapy water.
  6. Dry a few orange peels thrown into the almost extinguished fire, to flare up again.
  7. The warm bread was well cut, the knife should be heated.
  8. If you accidentally burned his hand, and lathered the burn a piece of dry soap.
  9. When cutting fabric, a piece of dry soap to completely replace the chalk.
  10. If you broke a glass or some other glass object, place on the place where he fell, a piece of soap and gently press it — the soap will stick and tiny pieces.
  11. Glasses will not smudge if you apply the glycerin soap and then wipe with a dry cloth.
  12. Table oilcloth retain flexibility, if from time to time to wash them with water to which vinegar is added. After washing, wipe the oilcloth with a dry soft cloth. Good to wipe it down with fresh milk.