Take the phone battery and connect it in parallel to the load and a voltmeter. This method of recovery of the battery is performed by increasing voltage. The load can be used with any rheostat. Discharge in this way the phone battery to 1 V.
To control the tension must constantly, as the voltage drops below 0.9 volts may be detrimental to the future health of the battery. Also periodically measure device temperature. If it rose above 50 degrees, then disconnect the load from the battery and let it cool. Then continue the discharge.
Wait 10-15 minutes after the discharge, until the element will not occur normalization processes. To the battery then connect the ammeter in parallel and the power supply and voltmeter. Power one contact is included in plus, phone batteries, and second in free contact ammeter. Install phone battery, thermostat or temperature sensor. To get a more accurate reading, use for mounting thermal compound.
Put the voltage regulator on the power supply to the minimum position. Increase the voltage gradually. When this control changes the strength of the current. Its value should reach a value of one-tenth of the battery capacity one can get from the phone manual or on the device itself.
We will continue to raise the voltage, while observing the decrease in the current strength. First, change the position of the controller every five minutes and eventually every hour. Achieve the voltage readings of 1.5 V, and then leave the battery on charge.
After about 4-6 hours the strength of the current finally reaches zero, then it is necessary to disconnect the battery from the power source and leave it for 20-25 minutes for the normalization process. Charge the battery fully. After a few days repeat the operation. Soon you will notice that the phone battery is recovered and holds a charge like new.