To verify the battery install in your phone battery with another phone of the same model. If you like phone no, ask your friend with the same device change one day batteries. If the discharge with the other battery is slower, buy a new battery at a specialized cellular interior.
The problem may be in the charger, which the phone can negotatiate. Try not to use memory from other manufacturers and other phones. Such charging device not only may be difficult to charge the device, but also to damage the battery, significantly reducing its service life.
If the phone sits up quickly when you call, even if you have just loaded, the reason is in the amplifier. This problem can occur as a result of severe falling of unit. To replace the transmitter apparatus should be given to STS.
If you have a smartphone, then the issue may be caused that the virus that can run a variety of programs, enable features, greatly reducing the operating time of the device (Bluetooth, wifi, GPS). For protection from malicious programs download antivirus utility. This can be done by using the built in app store (e.g. Android Market on Android devices) or the Internet. To protect the device from ingress of harmful SOFTWARE, download files only from trusted sites, pre-scanning all files computer antivirus.
Sometimes the cause of the rapid discharge may be a large number of applications running on the device. Programs that use the Internet, quickly put the battery, and therefore required frequent recharging. Periodically clean processes in memory smartphone with the integrated functions, in accordance with the instructions to the apparatus.