Self - help is the first step to introducing the children to labor education. In 3 years he knows how to dress, eat, brush, clean up the toys, it all eventually turn into a desire to work. Adults should be treated wisely, to encourage to work for the promotion of self-reliance, not to suppress the initiative of the kid, but rather to create a "situation of success".

It might not always be successfully and quickly deal with tying laces or Velcro on Shoe due to the still imperfect fine motor skills, you need to be patient and not to suppress its autonomy. When he has something, he will strive to do even better, hearing the words of approval.

3 years children love to help water the flowers, wipe dust, sweep floor. Wise parents allow them to wipe the dishes, wash my mug, to wash clothes for dolls, not distilled shout: "get away, break!" Later, they would be honored to wash the dishes under the faucet with the permission of mom or dad that can go into the honorable duty.

Before school can start, for example, a cat or dog and charge him to care for the child or equally share responsibilities with him to care for a pet. With hard work closely related to aesthetic education, the kid needs to see that every thing has its place, it can take a toy and then put her in her place.

Appearance of parents is very important in this process. They should be neat, combed and generally looking good.

Closely with the employment process related and artistic activities, ability to mold, cut, glue application.

Through the inculcation of hygienic habits formed sense of taste, neatness and tidiness. Imitating adults, the child tries to assess the surroundings.

So assimilated the rules of morality, it is necessary to praise for your kindness and generosity. The only way to develop these qualities, it is necessary to teach the child to imagine themselves in the place of others. It is necessary to learn to communicate with peers, cooperate with them, kindly communicate, to appreciate their friendship. All that is necessary for his socialization.