First, it's greed. Know that this feeling leads to eating disorders. The desire to arrogate to itself all earthly blessings in a direct way leads to constipation.

The second emotion, which is injurious to health - it is envy. The experience of the good of others, inability to be happy if others well - a great stress for the body which can lead to heart attack. Another victory it is better to use as a platform for their achievements.

Jealousy not only destroys love, but weakens the production of sex hormones, increasing the risk for a man to become impotent, and women to remain barren.

Another harmful feeling this sorry for yourself beloved. If you constantly revel in this experience, the body intensifies production of the hormone acetylcholine, and it can damage the liver. There are other harmful effects of such emotions in the human body sugar drops, digestion is disturbed.

At the other extreme, guilt. If a person constantly feels guilty or just nothing and blames himself, in his body, it undermines the immune system, hence the colds, infections, stomach ulcers and even cancer. Certainly need to forgive yourself your sins and mistakes. Health more than anything else.

And the feelings of sadness and longing suffer the pancreas and respiratory system. Lungs still hurt from the constant soul-searching and doubt, these feelings increase the risk of asthma.

The heart and arteries can suffer in addition to envy, and even anger, rage, passivity in the moment when everything inside demands to change the situation. Excessive anxiety, unreasonable anxiety can develop "nervous" hypertension. Fear also increases the pressure.

60 % of all illnesses are the consequence of harmful emotions. They all shorten our lives. Forgiveness, kindness, love, joy, prevent inflammation, improve blood composition, establish important processes inside the brain, heart and other organs. Positive thoughts help restore and preserve health.