In turn, emotional responses differ from each other in intensity. The most serious reaction is the heat of passion, which completely dominates the human psyche. It is believed that persons residing in such state, cannot adequately assess the situation, his thinking changes drastically and lost the capacity for normal resolution of certain issues, the person becomes aggressive. However, the affective state can be controlled, try to stop and not to develop him further. If you are interested in methods of dealing with such States, you can try to get a psych consult.

It is impossible to live without the stresses that accompany failures, heavy life losses, the voltage during the execution of the work. When a person can cope with stress, it is stress resistant, otherwise emotions can lead to various disorders.

Very close as to stress can be considered a state of frustration, which can destroy the activity and the human consciousness. People who are in this condition, it is important to help loved ones. It is important to learn how to control any of your emotional state that will be a great opportunity for improving professional practice and improving personal life.