From watching TV you can get not only the benefit but also some harm. Especially when it comes to the health of their baby. Already much research has been undertaken in this area which pointed to a clear negative influence of TV on the psycho-physiological state of a person.

When a child watches TV, then he is virtually stationary, and this could affect the development of his muscles. The younger the organism needs to develop, and the muscles need to get stronger, and being behind the TV, the baby is motionless and its muscles, joints and ligaments are not developed. In this case, you should protect the baby from watching TV and to go with him to the street. So you do get a sea of positive emotions, playing with your child.

Blurred vision toddler

This problem is partly a consequence of the first. Scientists have established the fact that at that time, the child is busy watching TV, the brain switches to alpha frequency. Usually, this happens in hypnosis or sleep. In this condition, the person becomes more suggestible and susceptible to suggestion any ideas and thoughts. Images on the screen change rapidly and a person has no opportunity to think about everything. So the brain goes into a passive mode to receive the information, without processing.

The constant change of scene for the body is perceived as a danger. What is the release of the hormone cortisol. Greater amount of this substance in the blood causes a person to feel a great need for new thrills. The accumulation of cortisol in the human body causes poisoning on the biochemical and mental level. Young parents is now to think about what benefits TV brings to the child.