Is it possible to watch TV from age 0 to 3 years?

According to the world Health Organization, parents need to impose a ban on watching television for a child up to three years. This will help to preserve mental health of the baby. Your baby is developing in communicating with parents, not with the TV screen. Loud, fast speech, flashing frames and other "delights" of the TV will negatively affect the child's vision, the nervous system of the baby. This overload can lead to hyperactivity, stunted development and other disorders of the Central nervous system.

Also dangerous to view commercials. Especially during breastfeeding. It harms the digestive system of your child.

Watching television for a child 3-7 years

When your toddler turns 3 years, let him see the Soviet cartoon, or a program about animals. Choosing a transmission for viewing remember that children compare themselves with their favorite characters and want to be like them. Encourage your child to view movies with heroes, embodying good, justice, love and care.

Try to watch TV with your child and comment on everything happening on the screen. So the kid has to get the maximum benefit from the experience.Limit the viewing time 20 - 30 minutes per day. This safe duration of viewing. The maximum view duration is 40-50 minutes per day with a break.

The effects of over communication of the child with a TV

1. The lag in speech development. Scientists have proven that the child is for watching live TV does not accept it, but only watching successive images. Language skills the toddler is able to develop only in dialogue with another person.

2. The emptiness, the need for new cartoons and games from the screen.

3. Hyperactivity, inability to perceive the information on hearing, attention deficit disorder, distraction.

4. Not wish to engage in any activity. The child becomes accustomed to press the button and wait for a new portion of fun. He doesn't want to act himself, and waits passively.