Punishment is the main mistake that almost all parents. To get started you just need to sit down and calmly talk to the child. It is necessary to understand the causes of lies. According to many psychologists, the reason children lie is in adults themselves. Unfortunately, not all parents are willing to realize and accept this.

The reasons children lie:

  • confident that adults will not understand;
  • little therefore wants to attract the attention;
  • distrust of parents;
  • the child may lie because takes the example of the people around him;
  • the fear of being punished;
  • the fear of losing privileges (buying a new phone, tablet, etc.);
  • children lie due to the awareness that they lie is best.

In a separate group it is necessary to highlight the hypocrisy. (This is one of the most common reasons why children lie). This usually applies to the child's illness.

In this case again we return to the above points. For example, the situation: Mary has not learned the lessons for tomorrow and lied my parents that feels bad. We can say that she did it for several reasons: if she tells the truth, the adults do not understand; then he will be punished; deprived of privileges.

You can again and again give examples of situations related to children's lies. Is do not rashly jumping to conclusions, and try to understand position of the child and to let him know that everything is solved. After all, the problem faced by the kid, may not only relate to it. A problem of this nature depends on the state of Affairs in the family.

Most likely, the child caught in a lie parents, but not told them about it. Considering such behavior normal. Should support the child and show by example, that telling the truth is much better than Dodge and lie. And moreover, a man accustomed to lie, in the end lying only to himself, and he deceives only himself.