Families are for procreation. And often after the birth of the first child creates new problems which previously did not exist. This investment of your time, investing their financial resources and, in turn, attention to the child.

Seems to be theoretically clear, but in practice, much more complicated.

It is possible to result many examples when the mother is invested in a child all of their finances and time, and the father in turn, this was neglected, and there were cases when were gone. This behavior characterizes the father not with the best hand, and you should think about it.

Sometimes there is also the reverse problem when the mother, not having the desire to have a baby, gives birth and refuses to maternal duties and the responsibility falls either on her mother or father. The woman in this situation can be described as irresponsible and promiscuous personality, and not wanting to solve their problems. These situations are rare, but they exist.

Children is a sensitive nature and a good sense of parental love. And often it happens that a young family after the birth of the first child is not developed and having more time to yourself, your desires and needs, thereby depriving the child of love.

A child is not a toy, but also a living organism that wants attention, love and affection. And to take on this responsibility, you need to be prepared and to have a certain Foundation.