The main changes occur in the woman. For a long period of pregnancy and childbirth are not easy, so at birth my wife is already tired, but then only heavier. A large influence and hormonal surges, many men they are terribly annoying, and she is not happy about this. Be patient.

Childbirth affect the appearance of woman, the body is not the same as it was before. If this is the first pregnancy, usually it comes back to normal. But the woman are emerging fears that she will no longer desired by her husband. In this situation, the man should show the wife that it is not that he loves and desires his wife.

The woman often increases the irritation to her man. The wife is tired, because now she had a whole bunch of new obligations, and the husband mostly does it does not help. Here we should start to talk sensibly. First, the man works all day, he can not be tired, and secondly, not all men know how to approach your child and what to do with it. Here the mother must be patient. She needs to talk with her husband and explain what he could to help.

After birth, changes occur in men. Most of the representatives of the stronger sex even during pregnancy there is a fear of losing his wife. Not in that sense that something will happen during birth, and that it is not up to him. Men, too, not enough attention! Try to talk with the husband on this subject. Most likely, in the first month after childbirth to get out together will not work. Do not worry. There is always the opportunity to arrange a nice evening together at home. Ask relatives to look after the baby just a couple of hours and spend them together, for example, watching a movie.

The secret to a happy life is very simple – learn to understand each other, and in some cases, even tolerate. Do not pull all the covers are equally hard to both spouses.