Advice 1: Family life: the emergence of the firstborn

Family for men, is a continuation of his kind. Setting the stage for his family, father full realizuet their masculinity. The woman in the marriage definitely shows itself first and foremost as a mother. However diverse were a man and a woman, they want one thing – a happy and long family life. But often, even in good families there comes a crisis. The first is the appearance of the child. What to do to the disagreements led to the divorce?
Family life: the emergence of the firstborn

The main changes occur in the woman. For a long period of pregnancy and childbirth are not easy, so at birth my wife is already tired, but then only heavier. A large influence and hormonal surges, many men they are terribly annoying, and she is not happy about this. Be patient.

Childbirth affect the appearance of woman, the body is not the same as it was before. If this is the first pregnancy, usually it comes back to normal. But the woman are emerging fears that she will no longer desired by her husband. In this situation, the man should show the wife that it is not that he loves and desires his wife.

The woman often increases the irritation to her man. The wife is tired, because now she had a whole bunch of new obligations, and the husband mostly does it does not help. Here we should start to talk sensibly. First, the man works all day, he can not be tired, and secondly, not all men know how to approach your child and what to do with it. Here the mother must be patient. She needs to talk with her husband and explain what he could to help.

After birth, changes occur in men. Most of the representatives of the stronger sex even during pregnancy there is a fear of losing his wife. Not in that sense that something will happen during birth, and that it is not up to him. Men, too, not enough attention! Try to talk with the husband on this subject. Most likely, in the first month after childbirth to get out together will not work. Do not worry. There is always the opportunity to arrange a nice evening together at home. Ask relatives to look after the baby just a couple of hours and spend them together, for example, watching a movie.

The secret to a happy life is very simple – learn to understand each other, and in some cases, even tolerate. Do not pull all the covers are equally hard to both spouses.

Advice 2: What to do if husband is not happy pregnancy

When a woman learns about the pregnancy and tells her husband she wants to see the joy on his face, happiness in his eyes. Sometimes this does not happen. The question is: how did she behave, if the reaction of her husband to the news of the pregnancy was negative?
What to do if husband is not happy pregnancy
The emotional reaction of the men on the news of the completion of family may be different, even negative. This does not mean that all future popes have nothing but negative feelings when they find out about the upcoming changes in life. Know how to behave like a man, after receiving news of the pregnancy of the second half, impossible. Pregnancy can be planned or unexpected, but in any case, men's reaction is unpredictable. From this point may cause family tension, nervousness and resentment. To prevent such a development, it is necessary to try to understand how a man feels, to look at the situation through his eyes.

Especially men

For men the news of the pregnancy is stress. How to deal with unexpected emotions and to accept the new situation it will not be easy. To complicate the process of adopting his wife's pregnancy unable several factors: an unstable financial situation, personality, strained family relationships, etc. Men harder to tolerate stress, they do not have hormonal levels that have the expectant mother. And simply men are less emotional.

How to respond to the behavior of the husband

The reaction of her husband a message about pregnancy can be questions like: "are You kidding me?", "How did this happen?". Also, a man can stare uncomprehending eyes or just go in the other room, to stay at work, not to call for some time. Though this situation for a pregnant woman is very bad, you need to be patient, not to panic and not to despair. Perhaps the husband was not mentally prepared for such changes, and the first reaction he would have a stupor. You should not aggravate the situation, presenting to her man complaints about behavior. Be gentle, understanding, tactfully helping the partner to adapt to the new situation. It will take some time, that her husband took of the baby, then the reaction will be completely different.

A man may openly Express their unwillingness to emergence of a new family member will bring different arguments: "we Have no housing," "We are still very young", "If you leave now from work, we can't afford a baby". These excuses prove that men are essentially rationalists. This does not mean that your partner feels hostility to the child. He's just trying to perform the changes and difficulties that will inevitably arise with the birth of the baby. In such a situation should not jump to conclusions. The main thing that the man in the future support for the family, and you must help him to solve emotional issues. Reassure the spouse the possibility of overcoming any problems: things for your kid to have friends, to work remotely in the decree, and the mortgage loan for families with small children give on favorable terms.

Husband with anxiety traits in the character, unsure of himself, can experience intense fear from the news of the pregnancy. This also happens with men who are afraid of restriction of freedom of action. They can leave the family or to start to drink, become rough and have expressed doubts about the fidelity of his wife. In such a situation one should not expect the imminent mood swings wife. The main thing is to protect yourself from bad emotions. If a woman wants support and understanding, she can ask for help to relatives, close friends. After some time, it is appropriate to try to talk to my husband about his fears, or to go to a psychologist.

If any reaction of her husband to the news of pregnancy the wife should give him time to adapt to the new situation. The man will realize his feelings for some time to be in shock. Only then you will be able to assess its relation to the event together and take a decision on further action. Even if the husband responded with great joy, it does not guarantee that in the future he will be the perfect father and will not be very delayed at work, avoiding contact with the child. The man initially showed negative emotions can become a very responsible and loving dad.
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