For this style of marketing there are a number of simple rules that will help you to successfully attract new customers. For starters, think about what will tell your article. The user who reads it, should understand that you are not just a story, about anything, and offer to take advantage of your offer to buy something. In this post, is to point out any story idea, but not just offer to buy all.

Buyer reading your article, should understand what your offer is better than what else is on the market. You should be interested in. Be sure to place in the records of your contacts, because if your offer will interest the person, he will definitely need a way to contact you. Write the article a link to your website or other contact details, e.g. telephone.

If you already have this article, consider where you will place it. Of course, the first thing where you have to place is your website. Remember that your website, if you have unique records will have a higher ranking in the search engines. If you have already posted your article, or you don't have any website, please note on the social network. Such articles can be easily found through a search engine, so the flow of customers will be greater.

In addition to these two methods try to put your recording on other sites with similar themes. You can negotiate the exchange on your articles and other site or for funds to purchase accommodation.

Remember that your article should be designed for a specific mass buyers. No need to advertise it on all resources, look for those sources which have desired audience.

After reading this article, draw your own conclusions: the article should be unique, interesting and have no contact information about you, especially if it will contain a link to your website. When posting articles, keep in mind the target audience for your article and suggestion. You can place it on your website, in social networks or on third-party sites and forums.