Create a website for freem platform, which is provided by some hosting providers in exchange for placing their banner or text links on your website pages. The following services can be found in hosters:,,, MiraHost, etc. It will be a primitive product, but for the first time, it will help you to spread the right information about you online to potential customers.
In the Internet, available catalogues, in which you can register for free and post information about your firm. Directories are used to promote their sites and projects. Choose the one suitable for you and add your data. It could be Yandex.Catalog, Rambler.Top100, etc.
Post ads on free boards in the Internet.
Participate in online auctions for free place information about your products on their sites.
Send commercial proposal by e-mail addresses of potential customers who can be found in the free public information directories, such as "2GIS".
Participate in specialized forums to discuss topics related to your business. But don't place openly advertising slogans or ads on these sites, otherwise they simply will not let the moderators.
Formulate your offer so that it can be put in the guest book of the website of your prospective customers. The proposal should be veiled so that the owner did not understand what it is and at the same time interested and wanted to ask you more questions.
Create a blog on a free site in the Internetin which you will constantly make changes, take notes, and observations are interesting to your customers.
Place photos of your company office workers or work on free photo galleries. In the caption of these photos include a short description of the activities of your company and a link to the site.
You can use the free software distribution SMS messages. Use only those phone numbers which are posted in open access in the information directories.