Of course, at the peak of popularity this season, as in the past, all kinds of weaving of KOs. They can style your hair or deconstruct, giving the image a more bold character. You can leave part of the hair is not braided to get a more romantic look. Even the rebellious girls have the opportunity to focus on their individuality with finely plaited French braids that will create the effect of the temple shaved or Mohawk.

For sophisticated temptresses recommended hairstyles based curls. Moreover, from a major romantic to naughty curls, depending on the selected outfit. Big curls, laid elegantly on one side, amazing will look great with a Trouser suit or a slim dress. Smaller curls come to light Quinceanera dresses.

Despite the fact that on prom night everybody is trying to curl your hair or style your hair to look daily, perfectly straightened hair will also look relevant and stylish.

You can straighten the hair and apply the special tool with a striking shimmer or resort to using the wizards on the procedures of laminating or polishing of hair, in order that they glistened under the bright spotlight and attracted the interested views.

Don't forget about the retro style which is back in fashion. Fleece complement a natural loose strands and tied in a pony tail or sloppy bun. By the way, the classic bundle may also look a winner if it will fit in with the overall style of the outfit.

Owners of short hair fashion designers also suggest to play with different types of hair styling. This glam rock parted obliquely or, on the contrary romantic curls, and you can take a chance and make ultrashort haircut hooligan with a crew cut. Also quite interesting and trending method to attract attention to his image.