Bundles and fleece

Graphic bundles for perfectly smooth hair is one of the striking trends of recent seasons. Such bundles stylists compared to origami. Fantasinia than the beam, the better. To make this look easy. For this pitch the tail at the base of the neck or on the nape of the neck, secure strands around the tail as you wish. Then secure the hair with lacquer. The final touch will be the decoration in the form of beautiful hair clips, live flower or a wrap. This hairstyle will be a perfect match to the dress to the floor.

It is not necessary to write off the fleece, the more they are again at the peak of popularity. Quite stylish this hairstyle will look great on smooth hair. Than the fleece the higher the better. Lush styling in the spirit of Brigitte Bardot looks really luxurious, stylish and bright.

Prom hairstyles in a retro style

Soft waves, glossy waves in the Hollywood spirit, Babette, Kok - all this will be very important to the prom. These hairstyles will make the girl a lady, an adult, but not vulgar.

Hairstyles for prom with weave

Weaving hair always looks very gentle and original. This is a great choice for prom and even for the reason that these hairstyles long retain its shape. Not the last role is played by accessories. These hairstyles always can be decorated with fresh and artificial flowers, ribbon, veil.

Prom hairstyles in the Greek style

To be like a real goddess at your prom, you will need a residence on mount Olympus, and only hair in an antique style. Lovely and romantic image of the Greek goddess is popular not only among brides but also graduates. Cascading curls, ponytail of small braids, elegant beam-node - selection just for you. These hairstyles will suit everyone, regardless of texture, length and shade of hair.


High sleek ponytail - a win-win for hairstyles for prom. It is for those who want to add an image of chic elegance. To this hairstyle looked too boring, decorate the tail of some bright detail, for example, ribbon or beads.

Long hair at prom

Who said that on prom night you don't come with your hair down? It's time to break this ridiculous stereotype. If your hair is picture of health, flowing hair - your ideal option. To add to the image of the flavor, make the hair unusual hairline. Recently the stylists favor the part in the form of English letters "V": it is made directly at the hairline and slightly above her and turned sideways letters. If you decide to confine her hair, make bright makeup. Juicy strokes on the eyelids or the scarlet lipstick, the right end of this way.