Advice 1: How to make a firecracker

To assure your friends and relatives that your Pyromania extremely peaceful, you just have for example on holiday in the family circle, blow up a few firecrackers confetti.
How to make a firecracker

Now you will learn how to make confetti poppers at home with the use of available funds. To do this, you get: a cardboard sleeve, colored corrugated paper (colorful design), stuffing for confetti (bits of foil, streamers, etc.) and a pyrotechnic charge that detonates from friction.

This cracker is of two kinds: in the form of candy that has a rope on two sides, or has the appearance of an ordinary cylinder, which is equipped with one side of the rope loop.

And now I'll walk you through how to make a firecracker confetti with his hands.

  1. In order to prepare the pyrotechnical mixture must be mixed (in no case do not RUB) small quantities of dextrin and potassium chlorate salt. After this part you should add red phosphorus and antimony. Stir with great care. In the absence of the necessary components, you can use silver or mercury fulminate.

  2. If you decide to make a cracker, which is in the form of candy, the pyrotechnic composition should be covered with strips of hard cardboard that will be set in motion by means of ropes. In this case, the sleeve cardboard is not required, and filling of crackers just turns into crepe paper.

  3. If you like firecracker confetti, which has the shape of a cylinder, in order to make the firecracker confetti cylindrical, it is necessary to take the following steps. The sleeve on one side should be tight to pull and it to insert a box made of thick cardboard, which will be a small hole in the middle through which subsequently is threaded a rope. After all these manipulations the hole at the rate of cemented, with the use of pyrotechnic mixtures that are prepared in advance. In order that the detonation was of high quality, on top of all this pressed piece of paper.

Of course, you can purchase stuffing confetti in the store, however, it is not always available. Needless to say that it is much nicer and easier to engage in the production of filling your party poppers confetti at home, for example, to make the colored circles with an ordinary hole punch.

Provided a clear statement execution, you can impress your friends and relatives.


Advice 2 : How to make confetti

Confetti is a little holiday that is easy to do with their hands. Do not hesitate to involve in the process all the home. Especially children, for whom the creation of confetti is not only an exciting, but very useful exercise. Working with scissors, paper, pencils – all this will contribute to the development of creative skills and training motor skills of hands.
How to make confetti
You will need
  • - scissors,
  • - colored paper,
  • - hole punch,
  • - foil,
  • - wrappers
  • - color film,
  • old glossy magazines.
If all materials are ready, you can start to work.
To start, slice a hole punch lots of circles from colored paper.
Add the slices of plain white paper.
Do the same with the pages of old magazines. You'd be surprised how a variety of confetti to get a result.
Take one big vessel – a box, a big plastic container or something like that. You can use an empty plastic bottle, cut off the neck. Mix in this container, the colored circles with a coffee. Beauty!
A little? Continue! Now take the foil and shaped hole punch. Great if you can find colored foil and at least a couple of different punches.
You remembered about the old collection of candy wrappers? Great! Candy wrappers also great for confetti! Cut!
If you have not found shaped hole punch – do not worry, because have a pair of scissors! Try to slice them small stars, diamonds, squares of foil, candy wrappers and colored paper. You can also cut very thin strips of ribbon of different lengths. The longest you can cheat on the pencil so they curled "lambs".
If you suddenly became a pity to waste foil, rummage in the economy – may find a chocolate bar wrapper? Pack of glazed cheese curds, too, will go to the cause, after washing, of course. By the way, some fans of the confetti used for cutting even the old films.
Well, your exclusive confetti ready, and the house now is not lying any unwanted candy wrappers and paper. You can celebrate!
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