Joists – planks, or beams, on which lay the floorboards. To need a quality wood of high strength. Preferred species: oak, birch, larch, pine, beech.

What lumber will be required for the device of floor joists?

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to use as the lag of the timber or Board. In the first case, the optimal solution would be wood a cross section of 10/10 cm, the second cm 15/5 or 20/5 cm as floorboards boards are used with cross-section 4/15 4/20 cm or cm They must be qualitatively planed and sanded.

Stages of works on the device floor joists in the apartment

Beginning of works – dismantling of existing floor covering. After more unnecessary material will be removed, proceed to the examination of the grounds on which you will meet the joists. Currently, there are two ways of the device of the floor: with the ability to adjust the height of the Arab League and by attaching the boards to the base. In the first case, use a special stand that allows you to raise and lower the floor to the desired level. Due to their high cost and labor intensity, it is infrequently used for installation of the floor.

The next step is dumping. Clearing the concrete floor from dirt and debris, it is poured a layer of sand with thickness of 4-5 cm For the alignment of bulk material take a long flat rail. Then pour the slag or expanded clay and re-level the basis. Then put soundproofing material.

Next, start laying lag. They must be installed in the direction of the longest wall of the room. In the optimal distance between the beams is 50-60 cm for the Correct installation check using a level. Joists fastened to the concrete with anchors of suitable size. In the space between the lines of the lumber stack heater. If you use the foam, between it and the wood inevitably gaps that need to be filled with foam. For mineral wool it is not required.

The next stage is the flooring floorboards. They should be laid perpendicular to the joists. If the Board is grooved, the process of installation of the floor is greatly simplified: it is enough to lay the first plank and attach to it later by the groove-tongue. If you are mounting the Board without grooves and ridges, ensure that between them leave no gaps. For fastening the floorboards to the joists using nails. The final stage of the installation of floor joists in the apartment – installation and finishing of flooring.