To lay laminate flooring on any floor except carpet. Concrete, wooden, parquet base is acceptable for successful laminate installation. The only hard requirement is that the floor surface should be smooth. Allowed only small drops (no more than 2-3 mm) surface 1.5-2 m.
After purchasing the required amount of laminate flooring, it needs to have a complete rest in the room where it will be put not less than two days. This is to ensure that the material is mastered with the temperature and humidity of the room. And during this time you can prepare the floor for laying new pavement.
If you plan to lay laminate flooring on wooden floor, special attention should be paid to the examination of his condition. If the boards are old and bend down under the weight, grind or disperse, all these places have pre-fixed. Cracked floorboards interrupt and re-unite the old Board, if necessary, replaced with new.
After fixing all floorboards floor carefully leveled. The height differences can be detected with the help of building plumb. If they exceed 2 mm. the floor must be leveled with a grinding machine. If the difference is significant, it is possible to put sheets of plywood. In this case, it must be firmly nailed to the floor.
The last step in surface preparation is the laying of waterproofing. Usually made of thick plastic film, stacked layers overlapped and glued tape around the perimeter of the room. It is advisable to make a small film overlap on the wall, which is fixed with tape.
Laminate is laid on the prepared surface, carefully fastening the panels together using the available locks. Plate laminate to lay perpendicular to the wall with the window to light falling parallel to the connecting joints and makes them less noticeable. After fully coating the entire floor area with laminate panels and their attachment, beat the plinth at the junction of floor and walls. The laying of the flooring is complete.