You will need
  • - the material for soles;
  • cloth;
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - decorative elements (decorative cord, buttons, sequins, etc.).
Prepare the sole. Will fit any pad size and shape – you can use it as a basis for Slippers or as templates that you will cut out a sole of leather or a substitute. Sole for comfortable warm Slippers to make from felt – these Slippers are warm, but will RUB. Therefore, leather lining must.
Make pattern top home shoes. Measure the distance from the end of the thumb to a point on the top of your foot, which will end with the tops of your sneakers. Measure the distance from one point to another sole on top of foot – it will be approximately equal to the width of the sole, multiplied by two. On the dense sheet of paper, connect four dots, you get a sketch of the top.
Cut the top half of the Shoe. Take your selected material, apply the pattern and carefully trace its contours – cut parts strictly according to the lines. If you plan to do the top made of felt or other material, which is quickly wiped off, cook has two parts – a lining for Slippers (of cotton or calico fabric).
Sew details. To connect the sole and the upper half of a high quality, puncture with an awl a small hole through which you thread the thick filament. Ssuite details seam. Don't forget to stitch the sole in the heel area, almetov region.
Insulated Slippers. If you want to make the Slippers warm and cozy, add a fur trim – the pieces of artificial or real fur, you will need to stick to the sole and the inside of the upper halves of Slippers. On top of the fur can be used as a decorative item, making the pieces of the ornament.
Decorate the finished Slippers. The outer seam panel thick wool or any other decorative thread, you can use threads of contrasting shades. Top canvas sneakers can be decorated with applique pieces of fabric and leather, to embroider with beads or to knit crochet. Manufacture of yarn pompoms, tie them together and puncture the upper part of the slipper, fasten from the inside, tying the knot. Miss satin ribbon through the lateral edge and tie the top of the bow.