The theme and title of the websiteand is the first question being asked by people who choose to create your website. First, decide what topic is interesting for you. What you can think and talk for hours? Each person has his own hobby. The women is knitting, health, children. Men - sports, repair cars, computers. The name of your websiteand should coincide with its theme, idea. It should be easy to remember. It can also be "address of website" (www. ...).
Create a plan for the website. Start creating a website on paper. Consider what you will have sections, chapters and articles. As is, there is a menu website.
The choice of engine – a very important moment. Of pay well established: AMIRO.CMS, NetCat, 1C-Bitrix, UMI.CMS. If you have a little money, will suit you well-known free engines, such as Ucoz, WordPress, Joomla 1.5+, Drupal, Data Life Engine (DLE). They have all features. They can easily build a big portal or blog.
The purchase of hosting. From hosting depends on many things. For example, the quality of indexing, the speed of the websiteand etc. Before buying read reviews about it. You can find them in the appropriate forums. Of all free hosting is better to use SpaceWeb.
Domain registration. It should be taken seriously. Domain – the face of the website. Names it is better to choose easy to remember, which will come in meaning to the subject. Is necessary to register at the official registrars. Here are some of them: Ru-center (,,,
How to create <strong>website</strong>: step <b>manual</b>
The installation of the engine. Here problems should not be. Can choose the network any video tutorial, everything is explained in detail and demonstrated.
Writing articles. Article is the main reason people come to the website. They are written should be interesting and of high quality. You can write them yourself, order a rewriting or copywriting. If you are on the websitee will be a lot of text, a large audience is guaranteed.
Optimization of pages. There are ways to optimize keywords so the search engine found your article suitable to the requirement of the search.
The card creation website. Card websiteand need search engines. To create it you can use simply enter the address in the line and press "start" then copy the file to the root of your websiteand hosting.
Adding websitein search engines. Each search engine there is a form to add a website. Once the project is created, add to this row address. And the search engine will begin to index your website.
Buying links. It is the processes associated with the promotion of the websites search engines. There are plenty of link exchanges. Most popular:,,
Continue to update and support the website. Now your website is ready, filled with material, it begins to appear links. But don't forget about its content. The website must constantly be updated. Most try to add new videos, audios and texts.
How to create <strong>website</strong>: step <b>manual</b>