Usually the facial expressions of the patient is poorly developed. The child smiles only in response to their inner feelings and not accept the attempts of others to cheer him up. The expressions on the faces of the people are not responsible for him any meaning. He says about himself in the third person, and uses gestures only to refer to physiological needs. It doesn't need to exist, evolve with the delay or carry an abnormal character.

Autistic people never participate in common games. They can spend hours doing the same action. A characteristic feature is the repetition of stereotyped movements such as clapping or shaking of the head.

Comfortable such children feel themselves in familiar surroundings. If the "pull" of the operator from his usual environment, it may be an attack of aggression towards others, and to himself. Patients often have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

With the combination of autism with other anomalies in brain development occurs profound mental retardation. If the disease is mild, with good dynamics of the development of speech, intellect can be not only normal, but also much higher than average. However, its distinctive feature is a narrow focus.

A child can easily operate with mathematical data, to draw beautiful paintings or skillfully sing melodies, but all the other parameters to seriously lag behind their peers in development. The causes of autism are not identified until now.