A different form of perception

From the very beginning of life the way child with autism, to build your relationship with others is expressed very strange manifestations, it concerns strangers or your own mom. Children may simply not notice the presence of other people, refuse to play with peers, have difficulty in communication, deviations from the normal development of speech, poor control of their own limbs.

Autistic people are often unable to maintain conversations or clearly Express their thoughts, of their phrases and fragments of sentences cause difficulties even among friends and relatives. They pay no attention to the voice, avoid eye contact.

Autistic children are characterized by increased sensitivity to environmental phenomena, it can be as tactile, sensory experience. The patient may not tolerate the sensation of clothes touching the skin, to hate to walk on grass or sand with bare feet, aware of the loud company or music. Usually, autistic children suffer from severe phobias, fear of closed doors, water, buzz, flashes.

Socialization and rejection of it

Such children often show a very strange reactions to familiar to many everyday things or events, surround themselves with all sorts of rituals require you to use a certain towel, read only certain books or magazines, please prepare the same food.

The child may repeat the same action, for example, to sway from side to side, fidgeting with fingers, hair. All attempts of others to stop it cause unjustified aggression.

Autistic people are fixated on turning and twist-off items, unable to spend hours in the same simple action. A very strange manifestation of autism is undue love for the things the child is able to be passionate about a paper clip, a piece of paper, and a pencil.

Children with autism, unlike normal guys, I don't need constant presence of parents, do not go at their heels, unable to sit for hours all alone, stingy with the feelings expressed by crying, screaming go gestures.

Despite all of the above, autistic children can not be called stupid, many of them show special talents in mathematics, music, painting.