The disease affects the child's development and the further passage of his life. Every child is different in manifestations of the disease.

But there are the same symptoms, the presence of which it is possible to establish such a diagnosis as autism. Such characteristics include: lack of facial expression, perhaps the lag of language development, the child is not smiling and looks into the eyes, avoiding interaction with the people around him.

Autistic child is strongly attached to certain stereotypes, for example, as is the furniture in the room. And if you move it or make a new element to design, he starts a tantrum, until everything will return as it was. Speech in children may be abnormal, impaired or phonetic content. Also it might be perfectly normal, but to keep the conversation going he can't.

For a diagnosis of autism there is no test, diagnosis is based on observations and tests. The treatment of this disease a very long and laborious process. Parents should tune in to that fight disease will have a very long time and it is not necessarily will be successful. Medicines in this disease do not help.

Treatment the child should receive not only in the hospital, his entire way of life needs to be focused on the healing process. The child needs the exact mode of the day. Parents have led him to study with an experienced psychiatrist, and to fix the result. In the treatment of an autistic child very important process repeat skills, so that he could perform them yourself. Parents should not forget about yourself as the process of treating a child is very exhausting. They should also see a therapist and take a break from the treatment process.

Treatment of autism lasts a lifetime, and forecast improvements for all will be different.