Set a goal. To do this, go to an expensive store and buy a skirt, pants or blouse this size, what you want to be. Hang the thing at home so she was always in sight. If possible, place it in the kitchen or the fridge. Clothing size S or XS will serve as an excellent limiter lovers to eat at night a slice of cake or fried chicken.
Do not be afraid that you will not succeed. You are sure to win gluttony, just perhaps not as quickly as we would like. It is better to limit the number of calories consumed, calculate your corridor by the formula. For this the desired weight split on 0,453. Then multiply by 14 (for males and 15). For example, if you want to weigh 60 pounds, your calculation would look like this: 60:0,453х14=1848. That's the number of calories you need to consume per day to achieve the desired weight.
If you just stop consuming the usual amount of food does not work, reduce its volume gradually. Cancel snacks, replacing them with water with lemon or green tea. Use sweeteners. Eat fatty and sweet only till noon. So, gradually, your tastes will change and you will not notice, did not constantly want to eat.
Don't listen to relatives and friends that say to conquer the appetite not. If they can't handle the gluttonymeters, it does not mean that all the same weak-willed.
Type the company wanting to defeat your appetite. Together to fight gluttonym much easier. Get the forum online and share their successes. Unlock the secrets of low calorie dishes. Tell me, how did you manage to stop eating at night, etc.
It is very motivating photos taken before and after work. Feel free to capture yourself. Do not have to put pictures on the Internet. Just save them on the computer and rejoice in the successes.