1 year

The first big crisis comes, according to experts, about a year later relations. This is due to the fact that the initial infatuation subsides and partners no longer see each other through rose-colored glasses. He suddenly begins to snore at night, and she has varicose veins is more pronounced than it seemed initially.

3 years

In this period, the relationship resist the pressure of everyday life and monotony. Depends on you how you will cope with the pressure of the stereotype. You will begin to perceive it as boredom, or as an expression of intimacy and stability. It is likely that you will begin to irritate the things that you are still perceived as a standard part of everyday life.

5 years

Psychologists warn that after 5 years of relationship increases the likelihood of infidelity because one partner think the other basically can not offer him anything new.

7 years

Seven years is a magic period. It is said either to marry or to separate. This is more than true – confirmed by the experts. Your relationship needs new impulses and ideas, otherwise they will end his existence.

17 years

After about 17 years the partners have to find another way of approach to each other. Children grow up and begin their own lives. But after many years devoted to them alone, you may be surprised to find problems in communicating with each other. If you can't find new common interests, themes, and points of contact, this crisis can be fatal for your relationship.