Consider what traits, actions do not stand you in a partner. See what flaws you can accept, and which not. Talk with your loved one. Point out his mistakes. Listen to what he tells you in response. If your partner does not like something in you, in your actions, habits, actions, and in relation to it, try to change. Only mutual understanding will help to overcome the tipping point. After all, the same people do not exist. You need to understand each other, to learn to put up with some shortcomings, to be able to overcome difficulties. Together much easier to come to the right decision. Most importantly, understand that it is important for you both to maintain this relationship.
Often the crisis comes at a time when there is something new. It can be the birth of a child, a new job. Such situations often provoke conflicts. Quarrels, scandals... But sometimes it is not the way. Couples disagree, cause each other pain and suffering. And if all this in vain? A compromise can be found in any situation. Enough to endure this crisis period. You need to be able to negotiate. After all, the husband and wife are not only lovers. You have to be to each other to all friends and partners, parents and children.
Try to surprise your partner. Prepare a romantic dinner, wear beautiful lingerie. Relaxed atmosphere, dim light, soft music will ensure a Frank discussion. Try not to swear. As a result of the evening to place your loved one to have sex. Close contact helps you establish rapport. It is possible that relations will be warm again, and the problem will solve itself. So be attentive to your partner, learn to guess his wishes.
Helps some couples breakup for a while. When partners are alone with their thoughts, everyone can think and understand whether you have a craving for your loved one, how can I solve this problem. If you love each other, respect, accept partner the way he is, and all it's mutual, then you connect again, continue to live together. But there is a risk that you will become strangers to each other. So be sure to think, how confident are you in your loved one enough to try to break from each other. But most importantly – trust your partner. However, everything depends on the specific situation, all people are individuals. Sometimes the right way is to go to a psychologist that is currently uncommon.