Despite the fact that the crisis in family relationships is quite a difficult test for couples, it still has a positive meaning. After the crisis is successfully overcome, the couple moves to a new stage of development of relations. The couple become closer to each other, the more I appreciate my life partner and gentler attitude toward. Better know the stages of the crisis in relations in years, and advice on how to overcome them, to avoid problems.

The crisis of family relations - 1 year

In the first year of marriage, the young couple catches the first family crisis. It comes at a time when the honeymoon period is behind us, and instead of romance came up home routine. Partners begin to better know each other, and in addition to positive qualities, there are drawbacks of a life partner. The important role played by habits of both spouses, which can sometimes be very annoying. All these little things accumulate and result in quarrels and mutual reproaches.

In order to honorably overcome this stage of family life, spouses must try to hear each other. You must choose a calm environment and each spouse needs to Express what he doesn't like, and what he sees ways to solve the issue. You need to learn to speak, listen to each other, to understand his second half and to compromise.

Communication in family relationships produced by the rules, referred to the boundaries, laid the Foundation for future family life. After the first family crisis is over, the relationship is noticeably strengthened and changed for the better. Unfortunately, couples who are unable to survive the first crisis fall apart.

The crisis of family relations – 3 years

The second crisis of family relations are often necessary at the time of birth of the child. During this period the couple are trying on new roles of caring parents. The husband feels the lack of attention from his wife, who is completely absorbed by the baby. Often, a man unwittingly gets jealous spouse to their own child, because she used all his spare time was dedicated to him, and now he's sidelined.

To overcome the next crisis, young families need to spend more time together. During the weekend together to get out for a walk through the parks of the city, to arrange the evening watching a movie, invite some friends over. In this situation feels the most vulnerable young husband, his wife should thank him for what he does for the family. He is now very important to know that it is still loved and appreciated.

The crisis of family relations – 5 years

The onset of the third crisis falls on the 5th anniversary of living together. Often during this period in a woman's maternity leave ends and she goes to work. Her duties increased, because in addition to the usual Affairs associated with the house, care for wife and child, connected professional sphere of activity. Mom is torn, trying to make progress in all areas of life, constantly feeling the shortage of time and effort. All of this leads to a protracted irritability, and dissatisfaction with oneself, others, and more often there are scandals.

To overcome the crisis of 5 years, the husband should help his wife, taking part of the obligations. The couple should sit down and discuss, perhaps even to compile a list of cases related to house, care for the child. Paint all the points and assign responsibilities between each other. For example, the wife can do the cooking, the husband taking out the garbage and maintain order in the apartment. Perhaps, young man, this option may not like. But if you leave everything in its place, in the end, the crisis can lead to divorce, so it is necessary to jointly seek a way out.

The crisis of family relations 7 years

Of all the crises this most complex, referred to as "the crisis of the monotony". Everything goes on as usual - children grow up, the feelings have cooled down and developed into a habit, the household duties are split between spouses and run on the machine.

Spouses may begin to experience frustration, fatigue, the feeling that life goes by. You want diversity, new experiences. Often during this period, the couple begin to change, to get fresh emotions on the side, which is not enough at home. At this stage of family life, accomplished a lot of divorces initiated by women. Wife want to feel loved, desired, all that she gets at this stage of family life.

Spouses need to choose a relaxed atmosphere and discuss the problem. Do not start with statements of accusations and grievances to each other, this will only worsen the situation. We must try to find common interests, some new hobby that will appeal to both. You need to spend more time alone. Watch movies, romantic evenings with candles, walks in the Park will bring a few.

The crisis of family relations 15 - 20 years

This period is at the time of the spouses midlife crisis. In this moment there is a revaluation of values, thinking about the meaning of life. During this period, often transitional age of the child, which carries its own difficulties. In this difficult time, when many problems superimposed one on the other, the spouses, it is important not to move away from each other, to be patient, to support your other half and then the crisis will be overcome.

Family life has its joys and sorrows, UPS and downs, the white stripes replaced by black. But if the couple will go through life with their arms linked together, learn to hear and understand each other, to find compromises in the most difficult times, their reward will be a strong family and be not afraid of crises in family relations.